• Reduces Heat Loss
  • Acts as a Moisture Barrier
  • Reduces Noise


Formaldehyde-free Fiberglass Insulation

Why JM Formaldehyde-free™ Insulation is Specified More Than Any Other Brand

  • Only Johns Manville offers a complete line of Formaldehyde-free™ fiber glass building insulation, providing better indoor air quality.
  • Outstanding thermal and acoustical performance
  • Healthy, safer buildings
  • Contains more certified post-consumer recycled glass than other fiber glass insulation.
  • Helps maximize LEED® credits

The Solution For Responsible Building

There is growing concern over formaldehyde. Increasingly, state and federal health and environmental agencies as well as architects and sustainable building designers are recommending that exposure to formaldehyde be reduced. In fact, in its comments to the USGBC's LEED-NC v2.2, US EPA recommended that exposure to formaldehyde be minimized as much as possible. This is especially true in healthcare, education, residential and office settings. According to the US EPA and the California EPA, one important reason to minimize formaldehyde exposure is because formaldehyde is recognized by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as Group
1 - known to cause cancer. California EPA has also determined that formaldehyde is a toxic air contaminant often found indoors at levels in excess of health-based guidelines and recommendations.

To promote the health of building occupants, particularly in healthcare, educational, residential and
office situations, one obvious way to help minimize formaldehyde exposure is to use JM Formaldehydefree™ fiber glass insulations to eliminate one source.






Microlite® “L” Insulation

  • Reinforced White Faced Insulation
    • UL Approved/Available in rolls, or can be pre-cut to fit building specs
  • Double-Face Tape
  • Patch Tape
  • Features
    • Meets ASTM Specification C991, Types I (Type II when faced), E136 (wool only) and NAIMA Standard 202-96 (Rev. 2000), and E84
    • Meets FHC 25/50
    • Reduces traditional fiberglass irritation & dust
    • Features 3” R10
    • Precut to order per building dimensions
    • Perm rating of .02
    • Bursting strength of 100 psi
    • Certified ‘R” Value

ArmorFlect is a reflective insulation comprised of a 1/4” fiberglass core bonded to a durable reinforced scrim facing, either white or 99% pure aluminum, which results in one of the most energy efficient products on the market today.

Available Sizes
Facings: White/Foil or Foil/Foil
Widths: 48” or 72”
Lengths: 102’ or 125’
Thickness: 1/4”


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